Which Speed is Right For You

Which Speed is Right For You

You may have noticed that many of our products come with  reducers and/or activators/hardeners, and that each of these  products come at varying speeds. If you are new to painting,  you might wonder what these speeds mean and which one is  right for you. It all comes down to one key element -  temperature. 

Reducers for paint thin the paint so that it is sprayable through  a spray gun. Activators, or hardeners as they are sometimes  called, are used in clear coats and activate the products  making them dry and harden. The temperature of your spray  environment will help you determine which speed is right for  you. 

If you are spraying in a cold environment (below 70 degrees),  your products are going to need help drying faster. Meaning  you would choose Fast for your reducer and/or activator. If  you are spraying in a very hot environment (above 85  degrees), your products will need help drying slower in order  to maintain their gloss and you would need to choose Slow  reducer and/or activator. If your spray environment is between  70-85 degrees, then your perfect speed is Medium. 

Choosing the wrong speed for the wrong environment can  lead to streaks, drips, long cure times, and even lack of gloss.  Pay attention to the temperature in your spray booth or space  to help your next job turn out great.

Still not sure which speed is right for you? Shoot us an email  or give us a call. We are always here to help!

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